Does Your Retaining Wall Need Replacement in Port Orchard?

retaining wall port orchard Like all hardscaping features, your retaining wall requires care to maintain its effectiveness. Whether the one on your property is there to hold back erosion or to create usable outdoor space through terracing, it’s important to learn the signs that it needs attention. If you notice the following red flags, it’s time to call a hardscaping professional.


It takes a lot of force to hold back the earth behind a wall, even if it’s made of concrete or stone. When the ground becomes wet, the weight against the wall increases. Without proper drainage, the wall is at risk of failing, and the first sign of that is often leaning. 


If your wall is made from wood, concrete or mortared stone, it will eventually break down with age. Harsh weather also contributes to this. Wood will rot, and concrete or mortar can spall or crumble. If you notice visible signs of deterioration, the wall may be in danger of falling apart.


When the pressure behind the retaining wall becomes overwhelming, it pushes the wood, bricks or stones forward and out of place. This further weakens the wall and can increase the likelihood of collapse. 

Does Your Retaining Wall Show Signs of Failure in Port Orchard?

If you notice signs that your retaining wall may need to be replaced soon, contact Nature’s Design. We have decades of experience with building walls aligned with your home’s exterior style and existing landscaping. As outdoor landscaping and lawn care experts, we understand the aesthetic appeal and practical purpose of hardscaping, and we’re committed to creating features that are beautiful as well as durable. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and estimate for your retaining wall project in Port Orchard. 

Expert Retaining Wall Installation in Port Orchard

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Why Book Your Irrigation System Inspection Before Summer in Poulsbo

irrigation system inspection poulsbo An irrigation system can be the most efficient way to ensure your lawn and garden get enough water this summer. Stronger, more direct sunlight and hotter temperatures can stress your plants and threaten to dry them out, making your irrigation system even more important. Discover why it’s so vital to schedule your irrigation system inspection before the hot summer weather arrives.

Save Money

A broken irrigation system can leak water, which can underwater or overwater nearby grass and plants, in addition to hiking your water usage and bills. If the size of your sprinkler heads don’t align with the size and placement of your landscaping, that can also lead to overwatering or underwatering problems, requiring you to buy new plants.

Conserve Water

With an irrigation system that’s working well, you can ensure water is going where you need it, and you’re not watering your driveway, sidewalk or the side of your house, wasting water. Reducing the amount of water hitting areas other than your landscaping can also reduce your overall water bill. A landscaping professional who’s experienced in inspecting irrigation systems can adjust the direction and flow of water from your sprinkler heads. 

Achieve Your Landscape’s Best Look

Take the guesswork out of watering your plants by fine-tuning your irrigation system through an inspection service. Never worry again about forgetting to water your plants! Enjoy summer activities while knowing your system is automatically doing the watering for you at just the right time of day. You get a great looking lawn and garden with less effort.

Do You Need an Irrigation System Inspection in Poulsbo?

When you want to ensure your irrigation system is working properly, the experienced landscaping professionals at Nature’s Design will inspect it and make any needed adjustments and repairs. We offer full-service lawn and garden maintenance, including mowing, edging, weeding, pruning and fertilizing. Our hardscaping services will enhance your outdoor space with patios, walkways or retaining walls designed to be practical as well as attractive. Contact us today for your irrigation system inspection; we’ll keep your landscaping properly cared for all summer long.

Get a Thorough Irrigation System Inspection in Poulsbo

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Finding Reliable Landscaping Services in Port Orchard

finding reliable landscaping services port orchard The task of finding reliable landscaping services for your home or business in Port Orchard can seem daunting. There are ways to make the process a little easier, however. Keep these helpful tricks and tips in mind as you begin your search.

Ask for Help

Everything is easier when you ask for help. Fortunately, there are probably a lot of people in your life who regularly schedule professional lawn care. Make a few inquiries; it’s likely someone you know will be able to recommend a nearby company they use.

Research Options

After you’ve compiled a list of potential options, the next phase of finding reliable landscaping services begins. You still need to research each company thoroughly, taking note of the cost and type of services offered. A lot of information can be found online, but it’s usually best to schedule at least two in-person consultations. 

Consider Customer Feedback

It’s also important to pay attention to previous customer feedback for any lawn contractors you’re considering. Again, this information is usually readily available on company and third-party review websites. Steer clear of options that seem to receive consistently negative ratings.

Trouble Finding Reliable Landscaping Services in Port Orchard?

Finding a great landscaper in Port Orchard has never been easier! The pros at Nature’s Design can help you keep your home or business lawn vibrant, green and weed-free. Whatever your lawn care or hardscaping needs are, our highly trained and experienced landscapers are here to help. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, you can count on us to get the job done right. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation. 

Reliable Landscaping Services in Port Orchard

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Aeration Benefits

5 Aeration Benefits for Kitsap County Lawns

Aeration Benefits for Lawns in Kitsap County Without proper aerating, soil becomes more and more compacted over time, leading to poor grass health and browning. There are several other lawn care aeration benefits, as well.

1. Grass Health

When you aerate the soil, you open your lawn’s roots to better air and water absorption and nutrient intake. All this allows grass to grow stronger with healthier roots.

2. Minimize Thatch Accumulation

Thatch is the upper layer of dead grass. If left unattended, it can overtake your lawn with a barrier that robs grass of much-needed sunlight, water and air. When you aerate, you expose the soil to microorganisms that assist in the thatch’s natural biodegradation process.

3. Reduces Water Runoff

As mentioned, aerating improves water absorption, which carries the added benefit of preventing water from pooling. When water ponds in your lawn it drowns the grass, resulting in dead brown spots. Ponding also creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other unwanted pests.

4. Helps with Overseeding

Aerating before overseeding helps with seed germination, providing a moist and protected environment for seedling development and minimizing weed growth. Overseeding is an important landscaping maintenance element, and aeration is an integral component of that.

5. Improves pH

Aeration itself doesn’t improve soil pH balance, but when line or sulphur is applied immediately after aerating, pH changes penetrate more deeply into the soil where it really benefits root growth.

Aeration Benefits Your Kitsap County Lawn

If your Kitsap County lawn needs a boost, contact the pros at Nature’s Design to schedule a consultation and maintenance visit. We also provide any kind of  landscaping and/or hardscaping services your home or business may need.

Aeration Benefits for Lawns in Kitsap County

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