Thatching and Aerating the Lawn: Get the Details On These 2 Key Ways to Revive Your Grass This Spring in Bremerton

Thatching-and-Aerating bremertonSpringtime is the best time to give your grass a little TLC. By taking the time for thatching and aerating it now, you’ll benefit from months of soft green grass that looks great. Learn more about these two important ways to care for your lawn and how to get started.

What’s the Difference Between Thatching the Grass & Aerating It?

Thatching rakes up dead grass and debris from the surface of your lawn, freeing up the live grass for healthier growth. Aerating tools make small holes in the soil to improve air, water and access to nutrients. It also alleviates compacted soil.

What Are the Benefits for the Lawn?

Thatching is focused on improving the appearance of the lawn. Getting rid of the dead grass and small debris like leaves, tiny twigs and other organic matter that’s settled into the blades of grass will make it look cleaner and greener. Aerating’s emphasis is on making it easier for grass to thrive by boosting growing conditions.

How Can I Get Started?

A thatching machine or a dethatching rake is effective at lifting away dead grass and debris without harming the living grass. Aerators can be mechanical or manual. Aerator shoes with spiked soles can be worn over your regular shoes and allow you to walk the lawn to aerate it, too.

Need Help with Thatching and Aerating in Bremerton?

If thatching and aerating your lawn is too big a job or you prefer the professional touch to ensure high quality results, Nature’s Design offers top-notch lawn care services. We’re a local company dedicated to ensuring your home has the landscaping and hardscaping care that brings out its best features and achieves your goals for beauty and functionality. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation!

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