Spring Landscaping Checklist for Beautiful Port Orchard Homes

spring landscaping port orchardAs spring approaches, homeowners often turn their attention to their outdoor spaces after the dreary winter months. Here’s a quick list of the best ways to prioritize spring landscaping tasks so that your lawn, shrubs, flowers and trees thrive as they come back to life.

Give Your Lawn Some TLC

Rake away any debris and thatch that may have accumulated over the winter. Aeration can also help improve soil drainage and encourage strong root growth. Consider overseeding bare patches to foster a lush, green lawn, and apply a slow-release fertilizer to give your grass a healthy start.

Prune, Weed & Mulch Plants

Prune shrubs and trees to remove dead or damaged branches and encourage new growth. Clear away weeds and mulch garden beds to keep weeds away and retain moisture while also increasing aesthetic appeal. If you have perennials that need to be divided or replanted, spring is an ideal time for that.

Inspect Your Sprinkler System

If you have an irrigation system of any kind installed, now is the time to check for leaks, clogs or damaged components so you can get them repaired promptly. Adjust your watering schedule to meet changing spring weather conditions and the needs of your plants.

Need More Spring Landscaping Help in Port Orchard?

When it comes to beautifying your property with exceptional outdoor care, Nature’s Design is committed to serving lawn care and landscaping customers year-round. Our experienced team is well-versed in all aspects of yard maintenance, winter lawn care, landscape redesigns and hardscaping, so you can feel confident about our abilities to bring your vision to reality. Whether you have spring landscaping ideas of your own that need implementation or you’re eager to explore all the possibilities for boosting the appearance and enjoyment of your outdoor space, contact us for your complimentary consultation today!

Attentive Spring Landscaping Services for Port Orchard

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