Top Winter Lawn Care Tips for Poulsbo

winter lawn care poulsboTaking good care of the grass on your property during the cold weather months will help it bounce back better in the spring. While grass tolerates wintery conditions pretty well on its own, there are a few things to keep in mind as the season changes. Here are three important winter lawn care tips you can use starting today.

Aerate and Fertilize It

Use an aerating tool to loosen soil and improve drainage; this is especially important during heavy winter rains and spring thaw. Aerating the lawn also helps get nutrients and other growing essentials to the roots, making this an ideal time to fertilize the lawn. Mulching that last mow of the season helps too.

Remember That Snow Won’t Hurt the Grass

While snow piling up may seem like it keeps the grass from sunshine and air, it actually keeps it warm. Snow provides a layer of protection that shields the grass from very low temperatures, high winds that accelerate moisture removal and even foot traffic.

Stay Off the Grass

Walking on the lawn during the winter in a repetitive way wears away the blades of grass. Because the grass is dormant, it won’t grow back right away. If the bare spots become too severe, it will be difficult to restore your lawn in the spring. Those bare spots also contribute to erosion.

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