Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips for Bainbridge Island Property Owners

summer lawn maintenance bainbridge islandEven the most dedicated homeowner can find that keeping the grass green and healthy during the hot summer months can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are ways to help ease the growing conditions for your grass, so check out these summer lawn maintenance tips for an outdoor living area you’ll love to spend time in. 

Allow Your Grass to Grow a Little Taller

It may seem counterintuitive, but when you hold off on mowing your grass until it’s around three inches tall, you actually get healthier grass. When taller blades of grass keep sunlight from hitting the soil, it can naturally deter weeds by keeping them in the shade. When grass grows for longer, it also has a chance to put down stronger roots. 

Water It Early In the Day

Watering the grass during the day doesn’t give the moisture enough time to really seep into the ground and be taken up by the roots; instead, the heat of typical summer weather increases evaporation. Early morning watering allows thirsty grass some relief.

Get Professional Help As Soon as You Notice a Problem

Grubs and other pests are common obstacles to a beautiful lawn during the summer months. While you can try and solve the problem yourself through trial and error, this is an ideal opportunity to reach out to an expert lawn care team. They have the background and experience to know what works for the type of grass and soil you have so you can get back to enjoying your yard. 

Need Help with Summer Lawn Maintenance in Bainbridge Island?

At Nature’s Design, our lawn care, landscaping and hardscaping clients are our only focus. Our customers benefit from our years of experience in yard maintenance, retaining wall projects and complete landscape redesigns. Enhancing the appearance of your outdoor space is easy when you work with a team that’s as invested as you are. Contact us for convenient summer lawn maintenance that gets results.

Attentive Summer Lawn Maintenance for Bainbridge Island Homeowners

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