Does Your Retaining Wall Need Replacement in Port Orchard?

retaining wall port orchardLike all hardscaping features, your retaining wall requires care to maintain its effectiveness. Whether the one on your property is there to hold back erosion or to create usable outdoor space through terracing, it’s important to learn the signs that it needs attention. If you notice the following red flags, it’s time to call a hardscaping professional.


It takes a lot of force to hold back the earth behind a wall, even if it’s made of concrete or stone. When the ground becomes wet, the weight against the wall increases. Without proper drainage, the wall is at risk of failing, and the first sign of that is often leaning. 


If your wall is made from wood, concrete or mortared stone, it will eventually break down with age. Harsh weather also contributes to this. Wood will rot, and concrete or mortar can spall or crumble. If you notice visible signs of deterioration, the wall may be in danger of falling apart.


When the pressure behind the retaining wall becomes overwhelming, it pushes the wood, bricks or stones forward and out of place. This further weakens the wall and can increase the likelihood of collapse. 

Does Your Retaining Wall Show Signs of Failure in Port Orchard?

If you notice signs that your retaining wall may need to be replaced soon, contact Nature’s Design. We have decades of experience with building walls aligned with your home’s exterior style and existing landscaping. As outdoor landscaping and lawn care experts, we understand the aesthetic appeal and practical purpose of hardscaping, and we’re committed to creating features that are beautiful as well as durable. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and estimate for your retaining wall project in Port Orchard. 

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